The U.S.A. government was transitioning from JPAS to DISS for its security clearance and public trust determinations in 2016 and 2017. Once DISS is fully deployed, it will replace the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). It will serve as the system of record for personnel security, suitability and credential eligibility management for all military, civilian, and Department of Defense (DoD) contractor personnel.

This page focuses on this JPAS to DISS transition process as it pertains to DISS’ users in industry (contractors). The site overall will continue focusing on DISS going forward once it is fully deployed.

In a webinar in January 2017 on this JPAS to DISS transition process,  an official stated that industry users would be fully transitioned from using JPAS to using DISS in the April-May-June period of 2017 (3rd quarter FY17). But in the April 2017 issue of the Defense Security Service’s Voice Of Industry newsletter, it was revealed that DISS’ deployment to industry was shifted from 3rd Quarter FY17 to a “date yet to be determined.” In other words, who knows when industry will be able to abandon the user-unfriendly JPAS site for a hopefully more user-friendly and functional DISS site. We in industry certainly don’t.

In 2020 some progress has been made in the JPAS to DISS transition. DISS is now used for visit requests. But as of December 2020 investigation requests are still submitted in JPAS.