After years of delays, DISS seems to in the final stages of replacing JPAS. To sum up the this month’s DCSA memorandum on the transition from JPAS to DISS, we in industry are to use DISS for checking eligibility of cleared persons and submitting visit requests. But for the time being JPAS is still used to record employer affiliation and accesses.

What I would note, though, is that the memorandum contradicts guidance on the DCSA website. The memorandum authorizes us to continue using JPAS to submit visit requests. But the DCSA disabled visit request functionality in JPAS back on August 29, 2020 and advised us to use DISS for visit requests going forward. Also, I can tell you from experience that accesses recorded in JPAS have not been transferring reliably to DISS. So I have had to record accesses in both websites.

Use DISS for visit requests and eligibility determinations